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A Wide Range of Amenities

Giving You What You Need

Live Photoshoot

A Clamps

What You Require

Our A Clamps is just what you need to make your experience at Spacesis Studio that much more special. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, this amenity will help you feel right at home. Give us a call to let us know what you’re producing, and we’ll start preparing everything for you ahead of time.

White Vflats

What Your Photoshoot Needs

We’re here to help bring your creative vision to life by providing additional amenities you’ll absolutely love. If you’d like to use our White Vflats, that’s not a problem. Our clients can take full advantage of this offering when they rent our equipment and studio space. We’re committed to making sure your time at Spacesis Studio is comfortable and productive.

Color Shoot
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